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 Global Scientist Interdisciplinary Forum2020

Global Scientist Interdisciplinary Forum2020

1 IntroductionThe Global Scientist Interdisciplinary Forum at S...

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  • Bin BAO
    Bin BAO Research Assistant Professor
  • Renjing CAO
    Renjing CAO Entrepreneur Professor
  • Shiyi CHEN
    Shiyi CHEN Chair Professor, President, Chinese Academy of Sciences Member
  • Weiwei DENG
    Weiwei DENG Professor
  • Keqi DING
    Keqi DING Research Assistant Professor
  • Xiaohua GAN
    Xiaohua GAN Chair Professor, Chinese Academy of Engineering Member
  • Vikrant Gupta
    Vikrant Gupta Research Assistant Professor
  • Pinlian HAN
    Pinlian HAN Entrepreneur Chair Professor
  • Wei HONG
    Wei HONG Professor
  • Kefu HUANG
    Kefu HUANG Teaching Professor, Vice provost, minister of teaching department
  • Shidi HUANG
    Shidi HUANG Associate Professor
  • Lee HsuChew
    Lee HsuChew Research Assistant Professor
  • QI Li
    QI Li Research Assistant Professor
  • Yijun LIU
    Yijun LIU Chair Professor
  • Yu LIU
    Yu LIU Associate Professor
  • Chun LU
    Chun LU Chair Professor, Dean of General Affairs
  • Matteo Lulli
    Matteo Lulli Research Assistant Professor
  • Guangming REN
    Guangming REN Research Professor
  • Xiaowen SHAN
    Xiaowen SHAN Chair Professor, Department Chair
  • Minping WAN
    Minping WAN Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Department (Research)
  • Fei WANG
    Fei WANG Research Assistant Professor
  • Hao WANG
    Hao WANG Research Assistant Professor
  • Jianchun WANG
    Jianchun WANG Associate Professor
  • Lianping WANG
    Lianping WANG Chair Professor
  • Min WANG
    Min WANG Assistant Professor
  • Quan Wang
    Quan Wang Chair Professor,The RSC & CAE Fellow
  • Zuojun WEI
    Zuojun WEI Research Associate
  • Lei WU
    Lei WU Associate Professor
  • Keqing XIA
    Keqing XIA Chair Professor
  • Zhenyu Xu
    Zhenyu Xu Research Assistant Professor
  • Canhui YANG
    Canhui YANG Assistant Professor
  • Yannian YANG
    Yannian YANG Research Assistant Professor
  • Peng YU
    Peng YU Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Department
  • Hongyan YUAN
    Hongyan YUAN Associate Professor
  • Cong ZHAO
    Cong ZHAO Research Assistant Professor
  • Bo Zhou
    Bo Zhou Assistant Professor